I was born in Windsor in 1992 to a computer programmer and a computer consultant. Clearly the road to creative writing was paved for me right from the start. But it’s thanks to my parents’ fascination with computers that I’ve been using them since the Windows 98 days, and I never looked back. I would describe my childhood as “normal” if such a thing as a normal childhood existed. I suppose I started telling stories very early, as me and my sister gave personalities and backstories to our toys before giving them exciting adventures to go on.

When I was thirteen a broken metatarsal and the resulting extra free time pushed me to start writing down this story that had been rattling around in my head. That ended up being to this day the longest project I’ve ever worked on. Unlike nearly every other hobby, I didn’t get bored of it or give up on it. So, by the time I had to decide what subject to do at university, once I got over my “oh but what will get me a good job” nonsense, it didn’t take much pushing to apply for courses in English with Creative Writing.